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Make a Neighbourhood Statement with Wrought Iron Gates

It’s one thing to have a stunning home, but to truly make a statement from the street and maximise your property’s kerb appeal, a point of difference at the entrance to your property can help stand out from the pack and give your neighbours something to be truly jealous of.  We’re talking about wrought iron gates and fences which not only make your property stand out from the street, but also add significant value to a property. Gold Coast homeowners are already turning their heads towards the classic and timeless style of wrought iron gates and fencing to add a touch of prestige in canal estates, and if you haven’t considered wrought iron as a fencing option before, we share some solid reasons to be iron-inspired below.

Iron Gates & Fences Blend Substance and Style in equal proportions

Some people think that you need to sacrifice style for a substantial fencing option – this is not the case with wrought iron fencing which lets you have the best of both worlds.  Not only is wrought iron durable, sturdy and secure it also looks fantastic and gives the homeowner the opportunity to personalise their fencing with different decorative elements.

Iron Gates & Fences Enhance your Home Security

Solid gates and fencing are a visual deterrent for thieves and would-be intruders. In fact wrought iron looks like it means business with its high and imposing nature. The shape and design of our wrought iron fencing and gates also makes them difficult to climb. This works against the lazy psychology of thieves who are discouraged and move on to find an easier target.

Iron Gates and fences add value and kerbside appeal

When it comes to designing the exterior of your home and the landscaping, fences and gates provide the perfect symmetry and tie both your home and yard together. Decorative fencing makes a real statement for homeowners and fencing also adds REAL value to a home rather than wooden or vinyl fences.

Wrought iron has been making statements for centuries and when it comes to making a statement in the 21st century, the same material still speaks style and sophistication. Call Dean Wilson Iron today to discuss your options when it comes to this timeless option for your home. Phone (07) 3814 0076

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