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Ordinary stairs become Grand Staircases with Iron Balustrades

As well as being a building code safety requirement for staircases, balconies and decks, balustrades also give the homeowner an opportunity to put forward an attractive design that can make a stunning feature of their balconies and stairs.

And when it comes to wrought iron, ordinary staircases can be transformed into extraordinary ones with wrought iron balustrades. These create a real focal point in the home with their symmetry and geometric design.
As the premier manufacturers of all things iron here in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Dean Wilson Iron shares some of the various design options that homeowners have when choosing to work with wrought iron balustrades.

Indoor and Outdoor Balustrading Options

Wrought iron balustrades can be used on both indoor and outdoor staircases. Our outdoor options can also match the fencing surrounding your home to give the property a uniform look.

When it comes to the indoor balustrades along your staircase, there is a huge array of designs to choose from which can be as simple or detailed as you like. Some designs include:

  • Scrolls and Spirals
  • Double Helix Twists
  •  Oval, Round or Square insets
  • Classic Vertical Bar Balusters
  • Floral and vine inspired designs
  • Wavy & Curved vertical balusters
  •  Horizontal rectangles below bannister and vertical balusters below
  • And so many more artistic designs (see our Balustrade Gallery)

When it comes to the popular designs many of our customers choose the classic straight up and down bars which frame their staircase and create a sought after linear symmetry. Best of all the beauty of wrought iron is that it can incorporate a decorative twist or feature design in the centre of the bar. These bars are also available in a variety of widths and can be spaced close together or further apart to create different effects.

Iron = strength + durability – in all conditions

Customers can also be assured that their outdoor wrought iron balustrades for outdoor staircases or balconies are durable, strong and designed with the outdoor environment in mind. This means that they will stand up to the elements whether it’s rain, wind or just heat, wrought iron will stand the test of time.
While it can be difficult to visualise exactly the design that would best complement your staircase, make no mistake that ordinary staircases can be transformed in grand staircases with wrought iron.

To start seeing some of the staircase balustrade designs the Dean Wilson Iron team have been responsible for click through to our Balustrading Gallery or call us on (07) 3814 0076 to discuss some options to have you inspired by iron in your home.

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