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Architects & Designers

Here at Dean-Wilson Iron we have been creating bespoke iron masterpieces for over 20 years.  You can trust in our designers to get the right results for you, every time whether your job is domestic or commercial.

With our team of in house designers you can be sure that you get the right design, every time.  We cater to your design aesthetic, wants’ and needs and can incorporate your ideas into any build.  This way we work collaboratively to create a piece of artistry in timeless, lasting Iron.

Bring us sketches, photos or even objects you want your new piece of ironwork to emulate and one of our designers will take you through the process, from initial brainstorming, to the final build.

We also work closely with many of Queensland’s premium Architects and Designers and have had professional relationships over a number of years.  We welcome any interior or exterior designers or developer to come and have a chat with us and see if we can take your bespoke ideas and bring them into reality.

You can also be assured with over 20 years experience we have truly seen it all!  We are experts in on site installation and can work seamlessly around your current build or refurbishment.

With 20 years of expertise you also know that we can skilfully advise on what does and what doesn’t work.  So you can be sure that with us we will let you know before we pick up a pen your plan is feasible.

So with Dean-Wilson what do you have to loose?  Experts in our field who have lengthy experience in both domestic and commercial works.

We Have Worked With

    • Trebilcock Architects
    • Inaspace designers
    • Kirsten beehag design
    • Brand and Slater architects
    • Contour Consulting
    • Harrison Constructions
    • Cbd Design
    • Buildcorp
    • Downbridge Constructions
    • Ibuild
    • Kerger Architects
    • Stylemaster Homes
    • MCD Constructions
    • Peterbell homes
    • Scapeshapes
    • Strachan Constructions
    • Peterbuilt homes
    • Mary Durack interior design
    • Classical interiors
    • Louise Walsh Interior Design
    • Trak constructions