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Across the Sunshine Coast, there is a demand for security solutions that offer solid protection and look great. Unfortunately, such products can be hard to find with substandard, mass-produced security doors and grilles being the most common. These generic designs can often have your home looking and feeling like a prison, with poor quality that simply will not offer adequate protection and security. Here at Dean Wilson Iron, we are familiar with the challenge faced by Sunshine Coast homeowners and we have developed a great solution: handcrafted, wrought iron security doors. Wrought iron has a timeless elegance that is unmatched by any other material and it is perfect for security installations, as it is incredibly strong and durable. The elegance of wrought iron comes from its malleability and rustic finish; it is easily crafted into striking and intricate designs that can be tailored to suit homes of all varieties. The strength of wrought iron ensures that it cannot easily be broken or bent, which means that it will offer your home fantastic security. Wrought iron’s durability makes it great for use in the harsh climate of the Sunshine Coast, as it means that any security doors or grilles fitted to the outside of your home will maintain their immaculate finish, regardless of the weather.

At Dean Wilson Iron, we have a team of experienced blacksmiths for whom wrought iron security doors are a specialty. We have been working with wrought iron for many years and we are well equipped to create the most stunning and unique wrought iron security doors in the Sunshine Coast. We believe that all homeowners deserve uncompromising security that will not have a negative impact on the visual appeal of their homes. Because of this, we work closely with each of our clients to establish the perfect designs that both protect homes and look great. Our foremost priority is to create security solutions that combine leading edge designs with the strength and durability of wrought iron, for a functional and practical security door that will enhance the design features of your home. We like to explore a wide variety of design concepts with you to ensure that the design of your door reflects your own personal visual preferences, as well as your security requirements. We can undertake jobs of all shapes and sizes – our focus is centred on meeting your needs.
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Our method for creating the best security doors on the Sunshine Coast

To ensure that your wrought iron security door or grille is perfectly suited to you and your home, we have developed a service process that accounts for each of your needs. Here at Dean Wilson Iron, our clients are at the centre of our focus and we strive to create security products that are customised to both your security needs and the design features of your home.

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