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The warm, inviting weather of the Gold Coast is perfect for outdoor living and a great outdoor furniture setting can give your outdoor living area a unique designer edge. Finding outdoor furniture that is perfectly tailored to your needs can pose a challenge, however, with many of the widely available options lacking in quality and design. Cheap, imported furniture will often fail to withstand the Gold Coast’s climate and very few offer striking and elegant designs. Fortunately, there is a clear solution and that is wrought iron outdoor furniture. Wrought iron is a great material for outdoor applications, as it is durable and strong. The durability of wrought iron allows it to endure the weather all year round without rusting or corroding and its strength allows it to support a great deal of weight, which is perfect if you want to experiment with heavy tabletops made from marble, granite, glass or timber. In addition to this, wrought iron is very ductile and can be bent, twisted and shaped into incredibly intricate designs.

Here at Dean Wilson Iron, we are familiar with the many benefits of wrought iron and our team of expert blacksmiths have a wealth of expertise when it comes to crafting striking and elegant designs. We believe that everyone’s needs are unique and you should not have to settle for generic or unsuitable designs. To make sure that you get the perfectly tailored design that you deserve, we offer an extensive range of services that are centred on meeting your needs. We work with each of our clients to develop customised and personalised wrought iron furniture and we will take into account everything from the design features of your home, to your own personal preferences and ensure that the finished product exceeds your expectations.
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The Gold Coast’s most unique outdoor furniture

Our proven approach to delivering the Gold Coast’s most stunning outdoor furniture

At Dean Wilson Iron, our focus is solely on meeting your needs and we do this through careful consultation with you. We know that your needs will be far different to anyone else’s and that is why we take the time to discuss your situation with you, so we can work together and develop a design that reflects your personal style, whilst remaining practical and functional. Our service approach is unique, in the sense that it works around you; we strive to keep you involved and your input is what allows us to craft the perfect outdoor furniture solutions.

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Do you want a perfectly tailored outdoor furniture set that combines quality, functionality and unique visual appeal? If so, contact us today at Dean Wilson Iron. We have had a great deal of experience working with wrought iron and are well positioned to address any queries you may have. You can contact us by phone, or by filling out an online contact form on our website – we are also on Facebook, where you can find photos of our work across the Gold Coast.

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