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Wrought Iron Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is renowned for design and architecture, with classic styles meeting modern contemporary designs to create a unique ambience. Finding unique fences, gates, security grilles or balustrades to match the design features of your home can be challenging and when you also require quality products that will not rust or rot over time, it can seem almost impossible. There is a solution, however and that is wrought iron; it is malleable,
durable and strong, which provides you with a range of benefits. The malleable properties of wrought iron allow it to be sculpted into intricate designs, its strength makes it ideal for use in security installations or balustrades and its durability ensures that you get decades of use out of your wrought iron products. Wrought iron can play a considerable role in the appearance of your home and here at Dean Wilson Iron, we ensure that every one of our wrought iron products is crafted to perfection.

Our focus is on design; we make wrought iron creations that give your home a stylish, prestigious and timeless look without compromising on functionality. We understand that you might be seeking a security solution or even a legally required balustrade and we strive to make elegant, aesthetically appealing products available to you, with strength that is unrivalled. To give your home a unique edge, we hand craft each of our products in accordance with our clients’ specifications so you can rest assured that there will be no other wrought iron creation like yours. To provide you with the best finish, we develop and install our wrought iron products using a process that ensures durability and strength. Whether it is inside your home or out, your wrought iron installation will maintain its flawless finish for many years to come. If you are seeking a tailor made wrought iron solution for your home then contact the team at Dean Wilson Iron; no job is too big or too small – we can do anything, from interior balustrades and gates to fences, security products and more.
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Our process to provide the Gold Coast with service, design and quality

All of our products are developed with two main priorities in mind – design and functionality – and to bring your designs to life, we have developed an industry-leading approach. We work with our clients to establish the perfect unique design, before handcrafting our products to suit your intended application and installing them in a manner that guarantees strength, aesthetic appeal and longevity.

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If you have a unique and creative design in mind, or are simply interested in wrought iron fences, gates, balustrades or security grilles for your home, then contact us today. Our team is only too happy to discuss your needs and we can provide you with a rough quote instantly, based solely upon the necessary measurements and design information. If you have any queries or would like to see some examples of our work on homes across Southeast Queensland, then we can be reached through our Dean Wilson Iron Facebook page.

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