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Finding the perfect gate, fence or balustrade to complement your home or business can be a challenge. Choosing a fence or gate with a design that matches the features of your home and the quality to last is inherently difficult. Similarly, it can be frustratingly difficult to find a balustrade for the inside of your home that satisfies legal requirements without compromising your home’s interior design. The perfect combination of design appeal, functionality and durability seems almost unattainable and with Brisbane’s harsh climate, rust and rot can often plague inferior products. There is a clear solution, however and this is wrought iron. Wrought iron is unmatched in terms of durability and its malleability is rivalled only by its strength, meaning that you get a product with both appealing design and the durability to last you a lifetime. When it comes to wrought iron gates, balustrades, security fences and more, there is one name that stands above the rest: Dean Wilson Iron.

The team here at Dean Wilson Iron specialise in crafting solid wrought iron products specifically suited to your home – we strive to provide quality and aesthetics that will last. All of our products are created to an unrivalled standard of quality with a durable and weather-resistant protective coating that will safeguard against rust and corrosion, leaving you with an immaculate finish whether it is inside or outside your home. We understand that our clients have unique requirements and we serve to satisfy your needs – whether they are centred on security, design, quality, or all three. No job is too big or too small; we can do anything from designing elegant and timeless gates to adorn the front of your property, to crafting sophisticated and stylish balustrades that will be the focal point of your home’s interior whilst still satisfying your legal requirements. If you are looking for the perfect wrought iron solution for your home, then contact Brisbane’s wrought iron specialists here at Dean Wilson Iron.
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To provide every one of our clients with the perfect wrought iron solution, we have developed a process that ensures that all of your needs are accounted for. We place our clients at the forefront of our priorities and we strive to ensure that all of your needs are met throughout each step of the process.

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