Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Wrought iron indoor & outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to incorporate minimalist style and old-world charm into your home or outdoor space.

Have your design immortalised by our master craftsmen.

All of our outdoor furniture is hand crafted to combine strength, style and functionality into one piece and will withstand anything your children or the environment can throw at it for years to come.

Browse our gallery page to see some of the stunning work that we have done over the past few years. We take pride in producing some of the most interesting custom-build furniture across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

When we create a design, we consult you through the design process ensuring that the final piece is perfectly crafted to your ideas, allowing a strength and beauty to be combined to your plans. Great ideas can be immortalised with steel, here at Dean-Wilson Iron.

We have created dozens of individual hand forged pieces from small coffee tables to grand scale dining tables, side tables, fire grates, outdoor furniture, dining suites, balustrades, attractive security windows and bed frames. Each piece differs from the other showing traces of the individual craftsman's style and technique. Own a one-off piece of art to your custom style, with Dean-Wilson Iron.

From a subtle addition to a room, to a feature conversation piece we can work with you to create the bespoke creation you had in mind. Otherwise leave it up to the award winning wrought iron artistry team from Dean-Wilson Iron to create a one off piece of furniture for your home.

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