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Fences mark the boundary of your property and have an important role in both the aesthetic appeal of your home and its security. A well-designed fence can provide an appealing exterior to your property and complement the design features of your home; your fence should reflect your personal style with excellent quality, strength and durability. There are many factors to take into account when considering the design of your fence and these include its purpose, your design style and the harsh climate of the Gold Coast. Fences serve as the first line of security for your home and are constantly exposed to the elements, which means that they must be highly durable and very strong. This does not need to come at the expense of design, however, and here at Dean Wilson Iron we craft customised and intricately designed fences that incorporate strength and aesthetic appeal for a solution that is unrivalled in functionality and design.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have found wrought iron to be the ideal material from which to craft our custom fences, as its many properties offer a range of advantages. Wrought iron is extremely strong and this means you can rest assured that your property is secure. With this strength comes durability and our wrought iron fences can last you for decades – even in the harsh coastal climate of the Gold Coast. As well as this, wrought iron is very malleable and this allows our skilled blacksmiths to bring your design concepts to life – no matter how intricate or unique they may be. Wrought iron offers a timeless elegance and a customised wrought iron fence is a personal statement; it can be crafted to complement the design features of your home, whether they are modern contemporary homes, classically designed houses, old Queenslanders or anything in between. We pride ourselves on client engagement and we work with you throughout the entire process to deliver a perfectly tailored fencing solution that fulfils every one of your needs.
Dean Wilson are the team behind some of the most recognisable iron fencing designs on the Gold Coast and can manufacture robust iron fencing solutions to complement the existing architecture of your home or business Make an Enquiry

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Here at Dean Wilson Iron, our aim is to facilitate the construction of you own personalised wrought iron fence and we value your input above all else. Over our many years of operation in the industry, we have developed a service approach that is targeted at working with you to explore your options and create the most suitable fencing solution for you.

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If you are looking for a fencing solution that will appropriately complement the design features of your home, then contact us today at Dean Wilson Iron. Alternatively, if you are interested in some of our past work, we can be found on Facebook and are happy to address any of your queries.

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