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Balustrades are an important safety feature of homes across the Sunshine Coast region – they are even a legal requirement for areas of a home with a drop of one metre or more. For many homeowners this can be inconvenient, as mass produced balustrades do not suit the design style of many Sunshine Coast homes and offer substandard quality as well. Here at Dean Wilson Iron, we strive to solve these problems with our handcrafted, customised wrought iron balustrades. We believe that balustrades should not limit the design appeal of your home; rather they should complement your home and add to its aesthetic appeal. We have worked with wrought iron for many years and are familiar with what it takes to craft some of the Sunshine Coast’s most unique, stunning balustrades that effectively and stylishly fulfil their purpose as a safety feature.

We create all of our balustrades with the intention of combine uncompromising style and elegance, with unrivalled quality and durability. Wrought iron is the perfect material with which to craft balustrades that combine these features, as it offers strength, malleability and durability. Wrought iron is incredibly strong, which means that it will easily withstand great pressure – making it perfect for use as a balustrade. Its malleability allows it to be crafted into stunningly intricate designs that are sure to be the focal point of any home. Its durability is second to none, which means that is can be effectively used for internal and external balustrades – it will easily stand up to the harsh climate of the Sunshine Coast, whilst maintaining an immaculate finish. The team here at Dean Wilson Iron have had a great deal of experience working with wrought iron and they are well positioned to handcraft a wrought iron balustrade that is perfectly targeted to your specifications. We will work with you to bring your design concept to life; no job is too big or too small. We specialise in wrought iron balustrades for both indoor and outdoor applications and we can easily cater to anyone’s needs – whether they live in a classically styled mansion, a contemporary Queenslander or anything in between.
No Job is too big or too small; we can cater for everyone's needs whether you require a sleek and elegant indoor balustrade, a grand and stately outdoor balustrade or anything in between. Make an Enquiry

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Here at Dean Wilson Iron, our number one priority is you. We craft every one of our wrought iron balustrades to perfectly meet every one of our client’s needs and we approach every build on its merit to ensure a targeted and customised product. We understand that you want a balustrade that perfectly complements the design of your home and we take all the steps necessary to ensure that our work meets and exceeds your expectations.

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If you would like to explore some design options for your wrought iron balustrade, or would simply like to consult us for some advice, then we encourage you to contact us today. We have many photos of our work across Southeast Queensland on our Facebook page and welcome the opportunity to discuss any ideas that you may have or address any of your queries.

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