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Wrought Iron Balustrades Gold Coast

For many homeowners across the Gold Coast, design is a foremost priority. With Queensland laws requiring balustrades for all homes where there is a drop of one metre or more, your home’s aesthetic appeal can potentially be compromised by mass produced balustrades of substandard design and quality. It can be hard to find balustrades that are perfectly tailored to your home, which is why the team at Dean Wilson Iron strive to provide the most comprehensive service and bring you customised, wrought iron balustrades. Our balustrades are developed in close consultation with our clients and this ensures that you receive the most personalised and suitable balustrading solution in the Gold Coast. Wrought iron is our material of choice, as it offers a combination of strength, durability and ductility that is second to none. Its strength ensures that it will serve its primary
purpose as a balustrade and protect your safety and the safety of your family. The durability of wrought iron means that your balustrades will maintain an immaculate finish for many years to come and its ductility allows us
to craft the most intricate, unique balustrade designs in Southeast Queensland.

At Dean Wilson Iron, our extensive experience working with wrought iron has allowed us to develop our processes in a manner that accounts for all of your needs. Every one of our balustrades is handcrafted and we pride ourselves on our unique and individual designs – when you purchase a wrought iron balustrade from Dean Wilson Iron, you can be assured that there is not another one like it. Our philosophy is simple: to craft a wrought iron balustrade that will effectively serve its purpose to protect your safety, whilst complementing the features of your house with stunning design and craftsmanship. With many years of experience forging beautiful wrought iron designs, the team at Dean Wilson Iron understand that every one of our clients has different needs. Home design, interior design, personal styles and practical requirements all play a major role in the final design of your wrought iron balustrades and we strive to account for each of your needs to create a finished product of unrivalled strength, quality and aesthetic appeal.
No Job is too big or too small; we can cater for everyone's needs whether you require a sleek and elegant indoor balustrade, a grand and stately outdoor balustrade or anything in between. Make an Enquiry

Providing the Gold Coast with stunning and top-quality wrought iron balustrades

Our approach to delivering the most unique wrought iron balustrades in the Gold Coast

To make sure that our final product is perfect for you, we take many steps throughout the build to ensure that we are on the same page as our clients. Here at Dean Wilson Iron, you are our number one priority; we pride ourselves on providing wrought iron balustrading solutions that are perfectly targeted to your needs. We believe that the features of your home should reflect your personal style and preferences and we strive to create every one of our balustrades with this in mind.

Contact us to give your home a designer edge

If you have your own design concept or would simply like to discuss your options with an expert, then contact us today. We can help you refine any designs that you are interested in and we are well positioned to bring your design to life with our wrought iron balustrades. You can see evidence of our work across Southeast Queensland on Facebook and we will happily address any queries you may have.

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