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Balustrades form an important part of most homes in Brisbane; in fact, there are laws in Queensland specifying that all homes require balustrades where there is a drop of one metre or more. Unfortunately, not all balustrades offer sleek, elegant designs or durable, robust quality and this can leave many homeowners with limited options. At Dean Wilson Iron we have a solution for this problem: handcrafted wrought iron balustrades. Wrought iron is ideal for balustrades for many reasons. Balustrades serve an important purpose and for this reason, they must be strong and durable. Wrought iron offers unrivalled strength and durability, which ensures that your balustrade will guarantee your safety and the safety of those around you. Further to this, wrought iron is ductile and malleable which allows it to be crafted into intricate designs that will greatly enhance the aesthetic of your balcony, staircase, or any other feature of your home.

At Dean Wilson Iron, we handcraft all of our wrought iron balustrades with one clear priority: to create a product that is unrivalled in design, functionality and practicality. We have a wealth of experience working with wrought iron and this allows us to constantly strive for the most innovative and high-quality designs in Brisbane. We seek to combine practicality with design so that you get the benefits of functionality and unmatched aesthetic appeal, whilst still complying with the relevant laws and regulations. The team here at Dean Wilson Iron understand that each of our clients’ needs will be different – different homes, different balustrading requirements and different personal styles all contribute to the need for a unique product and delivering distinguished and unique products is our speciality. We work in close consultation with our clients to establish their exact needs before commencing on the manufacture of the product itself. No job is too big or too small; we can cater for everyone’s needs whether you require a sleek and elegant indoor balustrade, a grand and stately outdoor balustrade or anything in between.
No Job is too big or too small; we can cater for everyone's needs whether you require a sleek and elegant indoor balustrade, a grand and stately outdoor balustrade or anything in between. Make an Enquiry

Brisbane’s finest handcrafted wrought iron balustrades

Our approach to creating the best wrought iron balustrades in Brisbane

At Dean Wilson Iron, our work is centred on you. To make sure that you receive the perfect balustrading, we take a number of measures to meet your exact needs and produced personalised and unique wrought iron creations. Our team recognises that you want balustrades that reflect the design features of your home, as well as your lifestyle and to ensure that your unique balustrade complements both of these things we have developed an industry leading build process.

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If you need balustrades but are not willing to settle for anything short of the best, then contact us today. Our wrought iron balustrades combine quality, safety and design to create the most unique balustrades in Brisbane. Alternatively, if you have any queries or would like to see evidence of our work across Southeast Queensland, then we can be found on Facebook.

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